Report of the Real Property Tax Advisory Commission 2014

Under Resolution 11-143, FD1, the Honolulu City Council established a Real Property Tax Advisory Commission consisting of seven citizens. Our charge was to conduct an objective review of the City & County of Honolulu real property tax system.

The Commission understands and appreciates that the Commission is not the first, and the Commission in fact has a member on the Commission who also served on the previous Commission that rendered its report in January 2012. The Commission gratefully acknowledges the efforts of its predecessors, and to an extent the Commission is picking up where it left off. For example, the prior report adopted six principles of good tax policy, and we found no need to revisit or reexamine them. The Commission did note that it faces some significant issues that did not exist in 2011 when its predecessors performed most of its work. In addition, the Commission did feel the need to revisit one or two issues that…